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A Hidden Gem in Wicklow

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Traditional Irish Music

Egans – A Great Place to Hear Traditional Irish Music

Traditional Irish music has always been an important part of nights in Egans Bar. In Parkbridge, near Shillelagh there has been a long history of memorable events, which stretch down through the years. The mixture of acoustics from the oak floor and furnishings make for a great sound. Furthermore, the atmosphere always works well with this to make musical evenings flourish. Click on the video below to hear the great  Ritchie Timmons singing the song The Rocks of Bawn.

Well Known Peformers

Some of the most celebrated traditional music performers in the country have played shows in Egans. A variety of these have included artists on the national circuit. You might know some of these: Seán Tyrrell, Jimmy Crowley, Joe Burke (with Anne-Conroy Burke, Michael Cooney and Terry Corcoran). Others who have been to Egans include; Gay Woods, Mary McNamara, Mick Kinsella and Johnny Connolly. A great many more have also played there and Egans has become known as a hidden gem in Wicklow. See below the great piper Joey Abarta and his partner the great dancer and concertina player Jackie Reilly who were passing through on a trip from Boston, USA.

Informal Traditional Irish Music Sessions

Importantly, Egans have also been hosting informal traditional Irish music sessions for decades. These have become particularly prominent between the mid nineties up to recent times. Also, these sessions sometimes include musicians, singers, set dancers, seanchaí (story tellers). There have even been poetry recitals. As a result, performers have often travelled from far away places. It is not known beforehand what way these nights will turn out. However, the customer is guaranteed a good night when any performer turns up to play.

A session in Egans Circa 2003 with Seán and Mary O’Driscoll, Dennis Brooks, Patrick and Larry Egan, Terry and Sharon Corcoran.

The Egan Brothers

Below is a YouTube video clip of the two Egan brothers playing in Kilkenny in the early 1990s. While they are not at home always, Patrick and Larry continue to play. They very often bring musicians back to Egans for a session.

Almost all of the traditional Irish music sessions occur spontaneously. Local musicians (and often local customers) taking part, usually on Saturday nights. If you are in the area, be sure to let us know. Contact Larry or Mary to find out if there is live music on the way this month! (087 2248420 or info “at”

Below is a photo gallery of just some of the range of performers who have been coming to Egans over the years.

Egans Bar - Traditional Irish Music

The Wicklow Way Map

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A Convenient Pub on the Wicklow Way Map

Check out these maps. Are you hiking the Wicklow Way and out of water? Out of food? Looking for somewhere to camp out, to get supplies or to have a creamy pint? Egans can help you out there, as on the map the Wicklow Way hike passes right beside Egans bar just at the last stage, or the first if you are coming from Clonegall. In fact, Egans Bar is actually the first and last pub in county Wicklow!

Let Wicklow’s Hidden Gem surprise you – with the stunning scenery, a warm welcome, great hospitality and great quality goods, Egans will give you an authentic Irish experience that you will remember for years to come! You could be lucky if you are around for some of their great music events too!

We have outlined some maps below to show you how to reach us just off the Wicklow Way.

The location of Egans Bar is most convenient on the map – where the Wicklow Way and the Wicklow hills are at their southernmost, as you travel between Shillelagh and the low lying valley of the Derry river which flows through Clonegall.

A Short Walk

The bar is a short walk from an intersection at the townsland of Aghowle. Imagine just a 5.7 kilometres to go, take a slight detour, relax and unwind with refreshments at the last pub that is on the Wicklow Way map before you finish the hike.

You can reach Egans walking south of Aghowle (next to Moylisha), descending through picturesque winding roads before straightening out at the bottom of the valley into Parkbridge. Below is a map which shows the route towards Egans from the intersection at Aghowle. If you are a good walker / hiker you will obviously beat the Google Maps estimate!

The map below shows the route that you would take to reach Egans from Aghowle:

Alternatively, if you are coming from Clonegall, Egans is quite easy to find. By taking the winding road up to Aghowle shown above, you can be assured a great start to the hill climbs! It is a quiet road from Egans to the Aghowle intersection, with plenty of wildness as you walk up along the valley. Larry and Mary have plenty of stories about this historic walk, as in the 1800s this road was used by fourteen families of the area one day to get to New Ross when emigrating to Canada. Find out more from Larry and Mary!

Here is a map of how to get to Egans from Clonegall before hiking up through the Wicklow hills:

Services on the Wicklow Way

Hikers / walkers have been calling to Parkbridge for decades, and so a number of amenities are now available to those who call in to the bar or shop. Larry and Mary have a variety of services available for when hikers or walkers need supplies. Here is a list of just some of those services for you:

  • Free and excellent spring well water available.
  • THE most friendly welcome you could imagine!
  • Toilet facilities.
  • A selection of soup, sandwiches, pizzas and other snacks that can be made available at short notice.
  • Tea, coffee, drink supplies and yes THE best Guinness, a creamy pint!
  • Free WiFi and phone charging facilities on site.
  • A local taxi service to pick you up or drop you off to buses, trains or towns after your hike.
  • If you’re feeling a bit “camped-out”, there are a variety of local accommodation options close by – from self-catering Air BnB to traditional B&B.
  • Let us know about hiking supplies that we missed which might be useful for others

Contacting Mary and Larry Egan

*Please contact Egans by sending a message on their Facebook page at or call on (087) 6527569. If there are any specific supplies that you might need, Egans will do their best to help, and Larry and Mary will help out wherever they can. It is also recommended to contact Egans on the Facebook page if you intend on visiting the bar early on in the day. Whatever your needs, we are there to help.

Mary and Larry, Thank you for being there as our sanctuary when we got lost while walking the Wicklow Way. We will never forget your kindness. Thank you and may you enjoy health and happiness for years to come.”
~ Matthew and Kristina, California

For more information about the Wicklow Way map, check out this video blog of a Wicklow Way hike that finished in Clonegal:

We hope you enjoy your trip whichever way it starts or ends, and look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Larry and Mary

Accommodation Near Egans

Egans Bar, Parkbridge is close to a number of different accommodation options in the south Wicklow, east Carlow and north Wexford areas. Book a BnB, self catering or a hotel. All of these accommodation options are within a fifteen minute drive. In order of proximity, the following are available year round:

Type Address Contact Map
Air BnB Walkers Cottage, Raheengraney (5mins, 6ppl) Peter Nesbitt Website
Self Catering Minmore Mews, Shillelagh (5mins) John Hayden (053) 942 9147 Website
Air BnB Ballinavortha House (10mins, 8ppl) Joe and Marge (086) 6089535 Air BnB Link
BnB Stoops, Coolattin (10mins) Stoops: 087 697 3124 Air BnB Link | Website
BnB Sheila Kirwan, Clonegal (10mins) Sheila: 053 937 7742 BnB Link
Hotel Mount Wolseley Hilton, Tullow (15mins) Tel: 059 918 0100 Website
Hotel The Millrace, Bunclody (15mins) Tel: 053 9375100 Website


A rough estimate of the geographic location of these accommodation choices in is available here: https://goo.Preview Changes (opens in a new window)gl/maps/syme3qM5Di82. If there are any accommodation options that you can think of that we have missed on here, please let us know! We are always on the lookout for new and nice places for our customers to stay.

Accommodation for Campervan Adventurers!

There is also a great car park available for anyone on camper van trips around Ireland. Bring your campervan to Egans early in the day and there will be plenty of space to park up. The ground in Egans car park is level and there have been plenty of campervan adventurers venturing through south Wicklow and staying in Egans car park.

Campervan musicians park up for a Saturday night session in Egans

Campervan musicians park up for a Saturday night session in Egans

Accommodation for Camping Adventurers!

Are you hiking the Wicklow Way and looking for somewhere to camp? Egans can help you out there also. There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from, so just get in touch with a message at Also, check out our Wicklow Way webpage for more information on how to plan and what Egans has to offer:

Camping in South Wicklow - Egans Bar Parkbridge

Camping in South Wicklow – Egans Bar Parkbridge

Whatever your accommodation needs, just send a message to Egans here or even better on Facebook at: to find out what the best option might be for you. Larry and Mary are always willing to help if you are passing through. Best of luck and see you soon, Larry and Mary.


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