Egans drinks come in a wide selection – there are some uncommon ones that are served up from time to time. Customers come in many types. You have whiskey connoisseurs, returned travellers and tourists all passing through at various times. So Larry and Mary stock some rare tipples! Below are some photos and a general description of the drinks that are served up regularly. These drinks also come at excellent prices!

Egans Drinks - Larry and Mary behind the bar at Egans

Larry and Mary behind the bar serving drinks at Egans

Egans Drinks On Tap

The Creamy Guinness Stout

Egans Drinks - Creamy Guinness

Pints of Guinness Settling in Egans

Egans Drinks – The Smithwick’s Ale

Egans Drinks - Smithwicks With Fine Heads

Smithwicks Drinks With Fine Heads!

Probably the best Carlsberg…

Egans Drinks - Carlsberg

Egans Drinks – Carlsberg

Egans Drinks - Carlsberg

Egans Drinks – Carlsberg

A Fine Tasting Budweiser

Egans Drinks - Budweiser

Egans Drinks – Budweiser

Finally, our A-rated Heineken

Egans Drinks - Heineken

Egans Drinks – Heineken

Tea, Wines and Spirits

Egans bar bears the title, “tea, wine and spirit merchant” above the door. This title refers to times when shop front signage was quite different in Ireland. Below is an image of Dublin bar P. Kenna’s, showing how the “tea, wine and spirit merchant” was displayed in years gone by.

Egans Drinks - Old Bar Signage with tea wine and spirit merchant

Egans Drinks – © copyright

Egans Bar Parkbridge, Clonegal, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford


In Egans, they live up to the title and actually do stock a number of wines, spirits and select drinks. When you visit Egans expect to see a broad selection of drinks. If you need whiskey, Brandy, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Prosecco or Champagne, Egans will have it covered.

The “Egans Hot Whiskey”

Egans Drinks - Hot Whiskey

Egans Drinks – Hot Whiskey

Egans secret specialty is the old traditional recipe of the “Egan hot whiskey”. Most of all (on top of having secret recipe), there is an art form in how this is presented. This drink, prepared and served up the Egan way, will leave you very comfortable and relaxed all night long. The Egan hot whiskey has been in demand particularly when the hunt gathering arrives on cold weekends during the winter months. Larry and Mary serve up the hot drinks in a uniquely warm and friendly atmosphere. So the next time you are there, ask for “The Egan hot whiskey”. It’s an experience not to be missed!

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